Circuit de Barcelona - Catalunya (ES)

Circuit de Barcelona - Catalunya (ES)


This legendary racetrack has has hosted many GP and F1 races in the past and is an absolute must for any motorsport enthousiasts. A very impressive grand stand along the main straight dooms up once entering pitlane, the moment you enter the track  you know you are in for a treat! With long straights and a variety of corners, the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya is seen as an all-rounder circuit. It is not hard to learn as but there are 2 corners that need to be aproached with respect.

Adding to it's appeal is the proximity to the city of Barcelona which makes a trip to Barcelona really family-friendly.

Circuit de Barcelona - Catalunya

Weather forecast


Practical information and tips

Hotel room: from €36,- (
Staying overnight in this paddock is permitted, there are no extra costs involved.
Car rental: from € 23,- per day (
You can book your ticket from different airports. The track is about 45 km from Airport Barcelona

Sanitation and electricity are available. The entrance to the paddock is open on the day before the event from 18:00 till 20:00.

Throughout the day we have coffee, tea, water and various refreshments available at Racing School Europe truck. During the lunch break our hospitality unit organizes a lunch (bread, various spreads, soup, fruit, pasta, salads and various soft drinks) right on the racetrack. You can participate for € 15.00 per day. This offer also applies to partners and friends.

During all training days the RSE paddock Service is available for technical support. We can also provide tyres at competitive prices. We can bring non standard sized tyres if you order these in advance. Send us an email at Pricing: Tyre & Wheel service: rim in and out €15.00, tyre mounting on the rim €10.00/ per rim.

Noise regulation

107 db maximum.

Racetrack specifications

Length of the track: 4.727 m
Width of the track: 12 m
Number of curves: Left 4, Right 9
Maximum incline: 9 %
Maximum decline: follows

Website circuit

Circuits de Catalunya S.L.
Mas "La Moreneta" P.O. Box 27
08160 Montmeló - Barcelona

Directions (google maps)

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