Statements & Policy Racing School Europe regarding Corona

Statements & Policy Racing School Europe regarding Corona

Update 6th January, 2021

Times are still uncertain due to the ongoing corona policies worldwide. We have given it a lot of thought to how we can continue to offer and run attractive schooling events in the coming months,
while ensuring the safety of our customers at all times and offering the greatest possible planning security.
With this in mind the following conditions apply until further notice:

  •     All dates published on our booking page are confirmed.
  •     If a event gets cancelled by Racing School Europe you will receive a full refund.
  •     If you as a participant are unable to attend a booked event due to Covid restrictions, send us an email with explanation. You will receive a voucher for another RSE event.
  •     We decide one month before each event together with the race track whether we will proceed with the event or not.
  •     The COVID situation in Europe is decisive for the decision whether we will hold or cancel a date. We will cancel the event in case of travel warnings, travel restrictions, lockdowns or medical shortages on site. Cancelled appointments will not be postponed or made up for!
  •     Registrations can be made as usual online via our booking page.
  •     The safety procedures of the individual events are always adapted to the local Corona regulations of the countries and are sent to the participants one week before the event.

Above terms and conditions apply to all events - including those that will be published in the near future for the first quarter of 2021!
Contact us preferably by e-mail and place your bookings online, payments by SEPA direct debit or bank transfer and PayPal.
With payments made by PayPal a full refund is only possible within 3 months after payment, after this time period paypal substracts a fee/percentage of the total ammount that will not be refunded.

Many thanks team Racing School Europe!

Update 7th August, 2020

This month we will finaly restart our season in Brno from August 28th - 30th. We have published a new schedule for the remainder of 2020 under events with all confirmed events and dates.

Update 28th May, 2020

Due to ongoing travel restrictions and limitations we suspend all course dates until June 26th. We have contacted affected participants by e-mail.

Update 24thApril, 2020

Following the recommendations of federal and state governments we suspend all course dates until May 18th. We will be contacting affected participants by e-mail shortly.

18th March, 2020

We are all shocked by the terrible course of events in the past few days. What the future holds is uncertain and fills us with great concern.

We are surprised by the dynamics of development, which confronts us with completely new challenges, driven by decisions of the federal states and third parties. What we thought was impossible just a few days ago is now a reality.

The situation in the medical field is becoming increasingly acute across Europe. It is irresponsible to provide medical personnel and intensive care with additional emergencies that could have been prevented. Risks that are avoidable must be avoided.

Therefore, together with other organizers, we decided to follow the recommendations of the federal and state governments and to suspend all course dates until April 19.

We put solidarity and humanity above our business interests.

New dates for the suspended courses will be planned once the situation allows a normal and safe proceeding.

Please stay safe and healthy! #FlattenTheCurve #StayAtHome #SocialDistancing


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