Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

If you have any questions regarding our program or events please have a look at our FAQ below, if you don't find the answer you are looking for below don't hesitate to contact us! We will update the FAQ on a regular basis.

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Are your events for BMW riders only?

No, we welcome any brand and make to our program. However we do offer the option to try the latest BMW S1000RR!

Can I also rent riding gear on your events?

Yes, we offer complete packages with Gloves, Boots, 1-Piece suit and helmet. You find thes option on the booking page of any event.

What is included with renting a bike?

The bike rental includes: Transport to the event + fuel, tyres, brakepads and mechanical support during our event + our Rain Ride Guarantee RRG.

What clothing do I need to go on track?

Full face helmet, Back protector, One-piece leather combination with protectors (one-piece, two-piece clothing must be connected by means of a zipper) Motorcycle boots (boots must overlap trousers)
Motorcycle gloves (gloves must overlap the sleeves of the jacket)

If you don't have the required clothing we offer rental gear also.

Do I have to know the flag rules?

Yes, this subject is also part of our program and you will be briefed about the flags. However it is always smart hing to learn them beforehand;

Yellow flag

Danger, drive carefully, reduce speed lightly and predictably, be ready to brake. A yellow flag means absolutely no overtaking until the signal is revoked with a green flag.

Red flag

Danger - be prepared to stop. The session has been stopped for a specific reason. Give a hand signal to those behind before reducing speed and continue at a steady pace. Beware there maybe a rider/bike on the track due to an accident. If a Marshall is stood on the track with the red flag you must not continue until instructed to do so. NO OVERTAKING .

Red and yellow striped flag

Caution, slippery track. There is oil, fuel or coolant on the track. Adjust speed. The signal also will be given if it starts to rain.

White flag

A slow vehicle is on the track. Usually an ambulance or track marshal. Pay particular attention, be ready to brake and adjust speed.

Blue flag

Another rider is about to overtake. During our sessions there will be riders of different speed/ability on the track. Do not change your line, do not move to the left or right, but be aware another rider is about to pass you.

Green flag

Hazard area passed, all prior flag signals cancelled, track is clear free riding.

Black flag

In addition to the black flag, the affected start number will be indicated. Disqualification of the affected rider and/or a defect in the vehicle. Finish the lap quickly to the end and leave the racetrack. Check in with the race manager.

Chequered flag

The training or the is over. Finish the lap at 80% of you speed  to the end and leave the racetrack. Do NOT reduce speed suddenly - there might still be vehicles following in your slipstream!

Is Troy Corser present on your events?

Yes Troy Corser is our head instructor and is normally always present on our events, taking care of all our riders on and of the track! You will find him very aproachable and willing to help. If for whatever reason Troy is not present we will mention this on the particular event page and booking page.