Mugello (IT)

Mugello (IT)


If racing would be considered a religion then Mugello should be considered the holy land. There is a reason Mugello is Valentino Rossi's favourite racetrack around the world. Everyting about this place feels special, from the location of the track wedged inbetween the Tuscan hills to the always freshly painted curbstones that hug the flowing smooth surface of the track. This place makes you forget about everything else, its just you and Mugello. The track's flowing and fast nature make it a sensation to ride. The track has severe uphill en downhill sections that add to the thrill.

Mugello circuit

Weather forecast


Practical information and tips

Staying overnight on the paddock is permitted, there are no extra charges involved.

Sanitation and electricity are available

Throughout the day we have coffee, tea, water and various refreshments available at Racing School Europe truck. During the lunch break our hospitality unit organizes a lunch (bread, various spreads, soup, fruit, pasta, salads and various soft drinks) right on the racetrack. You can participate for € 15.00 per day. This offer also applies to partners and friends.

During all training days the RSE paddock Service is available for technical support. We can also provide tyres at competitive prices. We can bring non standard sized tyres if you order these in advance. Send us an email at Pricing: Tyre & Wheel service: rim in and out €15.00, tyre mounting on the rim €10.00/ per rim.

Noise regulation

105 db maximum.

Racetrack specifications

Track Length: 5245 m
Track Width: 9-14 m
Number of corners: Left 6, Right 9

Website circuit

Autodrom Internazionale del Mugello
Via Senni 15
50038 Scarperia

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