New for 2020 the RSE Racer Pro course.

New for the 2020 season Racing School Europe offers the RSE Racer Pro course.

New for the 2020 season Racing School Europe offers the RSE Racer Pro course.

For whom?

You are a rider that has a decent amount of track experience & speed. You have done multiple Racing School Europe courses in the past and you are ready for a next step. Also, you feel you have become a bit too fast for a school group in general however you would still like to further improve and evolve as a rider with proper coaching & guidance. Also, you might feel doing free practice on its own is not really helping because you don’t notice any real improvements.

If you are one of those riders described above, the RSE Racer Pro Course is for riders just like you.

Speed & Safety

Participating in this training means you will be riding in a different group compared to the normal Racing School Europe group. You will ride in our Partners SPEER-RACING group; however, you will still have an RSE instructor assigned from us to coach & guide you on and off track.

You will still receive briefings, debriefs, video coaching and guidance supported by your instructor, Troy Corser & Marcel Kramer. The program in this group is more tailored to you personally, to get those final points you are struggling with dialed in.

Benefits of the RSE Racer Pro course

Personal instructor on and off track with 3 riders to 1 instructor ratio maximum.

Track specific and relevant theoretical classroom sessions with Troy Corser & Marcel Kramer.

GoPro Video analysis and feedback together with your instructor.

A more tailored & track specific coaching approach regarding personal needs.

Riding in a generally faster SPEER RACING group to minimize speed difference and maximize rhythm.

Data logging available with RaceAnalyse software.

Mechanical support from the RSE mechanics.

Suspension and chassis support from our suspension specialist Marcel.

Riding and theoretical support from Troy Corser & Marcel Kramer.

Motorcycle transport option available.

Catering available.

Requirements rider

You have done the regular Racing School Europe course several times before, and master the techniques thought in this course above average.

Your riding level and speed are expected to be high enough to meet the lap times of a level 3 - 4 rider as seen in this chart:

If your lap times do not fall in this spectrum you are much better of with our regular Racing School Europe course.

*SBK package & Slick tires are mandatory for this group.


Test the updated ///M 1000 RR

Pure racing technology for the highest performance requirements in motor sports and on the road. We have the new M 1000 RR available for you to try during our 2023 season.