Pillion ride with Troy Corser

Pillion ride with Troy Corser optional on all RSE events!

Pillion ride with Troy Corser optional on all RSE events!

A pillion ride with Troy Corser 11 and Racing School Europe is optional on all RSE events! We have a special BMW S1000RR pillion bike prepared with handlebars for the passenger. We offer this option to all participants for only € 100,- for non participants the pricing is € 150,- included riding gear; suit, helmet, gloves, boots etc. New for 2020 costing € 50,- extra is to have your pillion ride recorderd onboard with our GoPro Max 360 camera, so you have this awesome experience recorderd and saved on a penndrive in 360 degree VR view.

But what is this experience it like? And why should you do it? Troy Corser explains;

What i like to do when i take people on the bike is really just to show them where the line is, what gear to use. What is real trailbraking, and also accelleration. I get the opportunity to show you all the things we teach up in the classroom with RSE. Obviously when you hear seomething new it can difficult to understand exactly what we mean. So i always like to ask the guys who have been on the track doing the excercises to  put them on the back of me to actually feel exactly what i am trying to teach. Generaly people get of the back and got a big smile on their face and 9 times out of 10 they go out and go seconds faster straight away. It gives them the confidence you have a lot more grip in the front tire than what you really think. You can also turn and steer the bike while you still got the front brake applied.

Troy Corser pillion ride in Valencia


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